ARCHES Devotional Journal


ARCHES consists of one core devotional tool, called “ARCHES Doorway to Discovery.” Six supplemental journal pages are also available for download. See below.


ARCHES helps us study God’s Word, remember what it says, and discover how to apply it to our lives. God’s powerful Word instructs us, encourages us, equips us, and gives us hope in Him.

Make your ARCHES devotional journal. Grab a binder. Add ARCHES Doorway to Discovery pages. Add any additional ARCHES pages you’d like to use.

Arches Dorway to Discovery

“ARCHES Doorway to Discovery” is the core of the ARCHES discovery process. It’s designed to help each of us discover detail from specific verses, remember the big picture, apply God’s Word to our lives, and grow in our relationship with Him.

Arches Enter In

Keep a journal of prayer requests and praise reports. Spend time praying during your devotions.

Arches Dorway to Discovery

Select a verse. List a key action word, who or what the action refers to, and the action you think God wants you to take.

Arches On Topic

Choose a topic. Collect verses and notes about your topic. Start a new page for each topic you want to know more about.

Arches Treasure

List verses you’d like to become familiar with or memorize. Write the entire verse first. Then write it in sections. Optional: Illustrate each section with a sketch. Read through your treasury often and pray according to the chosen verses.

Arches Storyboard

Read the Bible. Add significant people & events to your Storyboard in the order you read about them.

Arches Free Write

Journal your thoughts freely.

Questions and Comments
Questions and Comments

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