Finding Balance in Homeschool, or After School, Bible Study and Devotions:

~for homeschool students, public school students, and college students…and their parents (for personal devotions)

balanceWe can only study so many subjects and participate in so many activities at a time before overload sets in, right?!

Many Christian parents feel church is one of those activities a child/teen needs to participate in to remain healthy spiritually. I agree, attending a God-honoring, Bible-teaching church is super important for all of us. Getting involved and serving is also important. Many parents model this going to church behavior for their kids, by attending and serving at church themselves.

Teaching by example is one of the best ways to teach and encourage our kids to participate in a certain activity. It’s one of the reasons I encourage parents to use an ARCHES Devotional Journal along with their kids. This way reading God’s Word, and spending time in prayer, are also encouraged by example.

Sometimes when we choose curriculum, or activities, for the year spending time in the Bible becomes a side note. I understand the overwhelming amount of curriculum choices, and activities, we have to choose from. But, God’s Word is the most important book our children could ever read, and He is the most important One they could ever talk to. Balance comes when we choose to make spending time in God’s Word a priority, and teach our kids to do the same.