Red-RefrigeratorI pinned a red refrigerator on Pinterest. A red refrigerator. Yes! I wouldn’t even have to get all craft crazy and try to paint it myself. Aside from the price, it looked perfect for my red kitchen. You know the red kitchen in my mind. The one that doesn’t sport a dirty floor, stained dish towels, and bits of food stuck to the stovetop. I scrolled through and looked at it again. Beautiful!

While scanning my feed, I also saw a friend pinned a bunch of homeschool ideas. You know the kind I’m talking about. The I can’t believe you teach your kids every subject, feed them, make them brush their teeth, AND do all of those amazing activities kind of pins. Yes, those kind.

Of course, my poor little brain wandered down am I doing enough lane only to hit an I even pin selfishly rut. I ended up in a why do I mess up so much dead end. My little pity party didn’t get me anywhere. But, once I peeled my mind off of myself, and considered God, my heart and mind recovered a bit. I remembered He wants me to be who He created me to be. I’m not her. I’m me.

To top it off, a little Philippians 2:3-4 (oh yeah, look it up if you dare) conviction, and encouragement, replaced my wallowing. I might sound crazy, but even those convicting verses encourage me. Encouragement often arrives when I know I’m headed in the direction God wants me to go. But, how do I know the direction He wants me to go?

That’s just it! Thankfully, God gave us the gift of access to Him. So I can pray. And, He did leave us a serious amount of words to direct us in any given situation. I need those words daily, because oh boy do I encounter situations! Don’t you? Don’t your kids?

We might not think our seventh graders have much to worry about, but their situations are just as grand, difficult, cool, confusing, and scary as ours are. They need direction as much as we do.

The question is, how can we all find our way? How can we all face our situations? Overcome the nasty comparison game. Endure rejection. Know the truth. Forgive sinners. Choose obedience. Pick the right person. Avoid the wrong person. Know what direction He wants us to go.

Trying to figure it out on our own would be like trying to find a marked poppy seed in a poppy seed pile the size of Mt. Everest. Only finding the poppy seed would be easier. We need instruction from God. We need God’s Word for encouragement, for hope, for direction. We even need it for small, seemingly petty situations. Like when we run into why do I mess up so much dead ends while searching Pinterest. Somehow we lose focus. I mean come on, how did discovering my red refrigerator (did I say “my”), and seeing a few homeschool ideas pinned, turn into a poor me session? It happens. Not to you, but it happens, right?!