ARCHES Devotional Journal (printable)


  • ARCHES consists of one core devotional tool, called “ARCHES Doorway to Discovery,” and six supplemental journal pages.
  • This download includes all of them in a printable version.
  • Use just one, or all, of the journal pages for you personal devotion and Bible study time.


The ARCHES Devotional Journal helps us study God’s Word, remember what it says, and discover how to apply it to our lives. God’s powerful Word instructs us, encourages us, equips us, and gives us hope in Him.

Make your ARCHES journal. Grab a binder. Add ARCHES Doorway to Discovery pages. Add any additional ARCHES pages you’d like to use. Read the Bible. Apply ARCHES as often as you choose.

ARCHES Includes:

  • ARCHES Doorway to Discovery – Application, Relationships, Connections, History, Exact Words, Savior. Discovery journal pages.
  • ARCHES Enter In – Prayer journal pages
  • ARCHES Live It – Verse journal pages, focused on action
  • ARCHES On Topic – Topical verse journal pages
  • ARCHES Treasure – Journal pages for memory verses
  • ARCHES Storyboard – Journal pages to visually layout what you learn from God’s Word
  • ARCHES Free Write – Journal pages for writing all about what you discover in God’s Word

You may use all of the ARCHES journal pages or a select few. It works well as a personal devotion tool and/or an educational resource.

Homeschoolers can use the ARCHES devotional journal to develop their own custom Bible curriculum or use the journal  along with an ARCHES devotional guide.  ARCHES Devotional Guides are also available in the ineedthebible shop.